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The New Name + Snapshot

February 16, 2011

As you’ve likely figured out from my watermark* on the pancake photos, my new photography name is Greengate Photography. (I need to update and add to that site, but there’s a logo at least.)

Greengate is the name of a street I lived on for several years. I like the two words in that name–green is my favorite color, and gates have some nice symbolism attached. There are some other reasons why I ended up with the name, but I’ll spare you. Just trust me that I know it’s not perfect, but choosing a name was a long and difficult process, and I’m very glad to be done. I’m satisfied, and that’s what matters. (Yes, it’s all about me.)

Various circumstances have me all reflecty about photography and how it’s become more prominent in my life over the past eight years. In my mind, I have snapshots (no pun intended) of moments that I feel contributed to where I am now. One can be represented with an actual photo:

This man was the State Librarian and was associated with my then-employer. It happened that I knew the most about our new office camera and had been asked to take some of the photos we needed for a brochure I was designing. One was a portrait of this man, so I met him in his office one day and took a bunch of horrid photos (technically speaking), but got this lucky shot that turned out decently. He was so pleased with it that he wanted to use it for some other purposes, and I even got paid by a publisher who used it once. (Heck yes I took a photo of that check before depositing it!)

He didn’t know me but, because of this photo, he was very supportive and encouraging. I think he’s just that kind of guy anyway, but it still meant something to me. He kept insisting I should pursue photography, and that he could be a reference for me if necessary.

That’s one of the many situations where I feel I did nothing special, but was blessed by God through others, and given a bit of momentum to move forward. I may talk about some other snapshots in the future, mostly because I think it’s a good reminder to me of how God paves a way in areas where he has assigned our passion and interest.

*Which is subject to change–I just quickly came up with that for those photos.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I remember when you took that photo and how thrilled you were to actually get paid for it. It's exciting that you can pinpoint a moment that contributed to a major decision for your life. God has a plan for us, but we don't know how He'll lead us in His direction. – Mom

  2. I like the idea of the snapshot series! šŸ™‚

  3. Love, love, love — especially you! šŸ™‚ You are so incredibly talented.

  4. I'm glad you shared that photo. It is very symbolic of when I first realized you were getting more serious about photography and how it wound throughout your career. It was an exciting time to watch you just blooming. And when I thought it was as good as it gets … you just keep getting better at it!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    That pic immediately brought a smile to my face because I found it one time when I was Googleing you : )

    As you know I'm very happy and excited for you and photography and am very curious to see where it leads.


  6. Sometimes it's a combination of “luck”, happy circumstances, encouragement and hope that make one's life beautiful! šŸ™‚

    Getting that extra push in that moment is understandably very memorable.

  7. Mom – I'm surprised you and R even remember! Thanks!

    Brenda – Cool, thanks. I can think of a few more particular things that I may talk about eventually.

    R – My, you are enthusiastic! Thanks!

    Dan – Well, he and I do look alike, so his picture might as well be me! And thank you. šŸ™‚

    Samantha – Yes. šŸ™‚

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