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Portfolio slideshow

February 3, 2011
It’s kind of long, so I understand if you don’t want to watch, but I thought I’d post this video of my portfolio slideshow that I will play before my upcoming photography workshop. It will play as attendees filter in so they have an idea of where I’m coming from (skill-level, style, etc.) when I teach. Also, it gives them something to do while they wait.
This took awhile to create (I made it in PowerPoint and converted it to a video…it was kind of complicated), but it’s actually boosting my spirits to watch it because I feel so fortunate to have photographed all of those beautiful scenes. I have a long way to go where photography is concerned, but there are plenty of lovely subjects on which I can practice! I realize this show doesn’t have the largest variety of people and places. Sorry if you were hoping to see yourself and you’re not here. (And sorry if you were hoping not to see yourself, and you are here. :P)
There is music with this, so check your volume.

Untitled from J M on Vimeo.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Said it before and I'll say it here again: in-cred-i-ble. Very very nice work Jessica!


  2. I love it!!!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Jessica, you made me cry! Beautiful portraits and scenery. Your choice of music is awesome, also. Thank you, Mom

  4. Your talents are immeasurable. The photos, the slideshow, the music selections … wow. There's no better word for it. Just, wow.

    On the flipside though, your nephew, Z, watched with me and while I was in awe over the photography and stuff, he said, “Tell me that she played the music, too, and then I'll be impressed.” Oh my. But he did like the pictures, I think he didn't really mean it the way it came out. Kids are weird. 🙂 Weirdly funny.

  5. Thanks, Dan, Katrina, Mom and R! I'm getting such positive feedback about this that I didn't expect. 🙂 That makes a happy Jessica!!

    R – 😛 to Zay. Tell him he's not getting a birthday gift from me this year. 😉

  6. WOW.:-D
    This is just amazing, and I love your eye for beauty!

  7. I loved the slideshow; I've wanted to put together a PowerPoint but have no idea how to do it 🙂
    Your photography is much better than you think it is! 😉

  8. HCH – Thank you! I love yours!

    Thanks, Samantha–PowerPoint is pretty easy. Do you have that program? I can give you some instructions if you'd like.

  9. I'm esp. fond of your frosted leaves photo and the photo of your niece at 1:49.
    The girl at the piano at 2:41 is beautiful!

  10. I was going through old e-mails tonight and found I had saved this post because I wanted to watch the video on my computer. Absolutely beautiful and I love your music choices! Did you end up using it before your presentation this year? Wonderful job…

  11. Oh thanks, Jennifer! Yeah, I turned it on before each workshop.

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