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Food Friday

January 28, 2011

I did a little grocery shopping and had more variety in my meals this week. I bought a few new items to use as props in my photos, and then my awesome sister sent me a Valentine’s package full of more props (placemats, plates, etc.)! It’s so exciting! And just what I needed, because I was starting to wonder how I’d continue this project. Not even one month in and I was already feeling down about all of it. I feel refreshed now. 🙂

01/21 – A photo I had seen earlier in the day inspired my dinner choice: grilled chicken breast, baby yellow potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Deliciousness! I need to get some neutral plates, though.

01/22 – Kind of random, but it sounded good: rigatoni, ham and avocado. This was my first avocado of the year, and I’m happy to say it was actually the correct ripeness and texture (finally)! Oh and you’re crazy if you think I only ate that much of the avocado.

01/23 – It’s rigatoni again! This time with some leftover chicken, zucchini and feta.

01/24 – I had a hard day and almost forgot to take a picture, but remembered right as I made this popcorn. Close one!

01/25 – Ham and tortellini with cheese. Basically, it’s a fancier version of macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs.

01/27 – Salmon, rice pilaf and avocado. Kind of bland to look at, but oh so delish. And how fancy am I with the parsley? Some day I’ll share the rice pilaf recipe–my dad taught it to me several years ago.

A couple of bonus photos that didn’t make the cut. This was mostly because I was excited to use one of these dip bowls (and place mat) that my sister gave me. How adorable is it? Oh and I was excited about the M&Ms too. 🙂

Another “Just in case I forget later” food photo. I love you, tea! Don’t ever change.

Does anyone have fun weekend plans? I am hoping to work on my photography workshop stuff and also sleep in. And maybe fold this laundry…or throw it away and buy all new things.


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  1. I want to come over to your house and eat all your food.:)

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I think the salmon dish espcially looks delicious, even if you think it's bland. I'm going to visit Mom on Saturday for her birthday.
    Nice little bowl!! – Mom

  3. The M&Ms look so cute posed in their little personal-sized dish. 🙂 I noticed you said you needed more neutral dishes on that one post and then you have a white plate on another one after … did you buy that after? Just curious. This all looks delicious.

  4. Marie – You're welcome to. 🙂

    Mom – Thanks! I think it looks yummy, but it's not really vibrant or pretty, exactly. Oh yeah–happy birthday to Grandma. And Rebecca!

    R – Yes, I bought that plate along with a couple other things the other day.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    How delicious does all that food look? I better beat Marie over there! Excuse me, I'm off to buy a 20 pound bag of M&Ms and a small white dish to eat them out of ; )


  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

    – David

  7. Those M&M's look good right now; I haven't had chocolate in weeks!! I'm deprived =D

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