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San Francisco

January 26, 2011

I was looking at some San Francisco images linked from a blog I follow, and that made me think about how my friend Dania and I sometimes skipped our college classes in Sacramento and drove to San Francisco for the day. Some of the places in Golden Gate Park have free admission on the first Wednesday of the month. One time we were driving over the Bay Bridge and the song Hysteria came on my mix tape, and it just seemed like the perfect sound for that stretch of driving. To me, at least. After that, I always had to queue up that song once we were about to go over the bridge. I’m sure it annoyed Dania sometimes. 🙂

I’ve never seen that video until today, so I didn’t realize it has a road trip scene in the beginning! Also, some foxy hair styles–guys, take note.

I haven’t been to SF since before I moved to Oregon, and I miss it. It’s often crowded, trafficy, foggy, windy, cold, and dirty (no offense, SF!). But it also has a lot of great places to visit, many parts of it are very beautiful, and I have several happy memories attached to it. Last time I went was before I was into photography, so I’d love to go back and take more pictures.

Yes, this entry was kind of random.


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  1. I've never been to SF! Which is kind of ironic seeing as how I live in CA. But then again, I've never even been to Yosemite. And that, I want to see!

  2. The last time we went to SF was on a trip to CA with the kids a few years ago. It was their first time there! So fun to see the sites of the Bay Area for the millionth time (slight exaggeration) but through the eyes of kids seeing them their first time. These were definitely memories in the making.

    And look, I even logged in this time for the comment. 🙂 I get it eventually. -R

  3. Samantha – Really? You should go! If you ever move, you'll be sorry you didn't take advantage!

    R – Yes, I was thinking about that how you'd be able to comment un-anonymously now. 🙂

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I never heard that song before now.
    I saw the video and thought it was perfect for your experiance, then you noted that, also.

    Note to Samantha R: You must go to SF and Yosemite. I'm a native Californian from way back and I never tire of either. I wouldn't want to live in SF, though. – Mom

  5. I remember this tradition from when I went there with you! 🙂

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Ah the 80's. how we all miss them, especially the hair : )


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