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January 24, 2011

This is apparently my 150th post! You may all send me $150 to congratulate me.

Happy Blue Monday! Do something special to take a stand against the blues. I suggest baking a cake or buying flowers. (Or sending $150 to someone you love.)

Here’s something I have avoided in this blog so far, but now I’m feeling a little crazy (or lazy?). This was an email forward I got from my friend T, and now I will subject you all to my answers. Feel free to tell me yours. I’m dying to know the location of your cell phone. The idea is to answer each of these questions with only one word. The email says it’s hard, but it’s not. You’re not being graded or anything, so you could put “owls” on every question, if you want. I just mentioned owls because I am hearing one hooting it up outside, and they are so popular these days that I figured some of your eyes might perk up at the mention.

Ready? Okay! *clap*

  1. Where is your cell phone?  Nearby
  2. Spouse?  Nonexistent?
  3. Your hair?  Graying. :/
  4. Your family?  Dispersed
  5. Your favorite thing?  Happiness
  6. Your dream last night?  Mysterious
  7. Your favorite drink?  Tea
  8. What room are you in?  Living
  9. Your hobby?  Photography
  10. Your fear? Injury
  11. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Married
  12. Where were you last night? Home
  13. Something that you aren’t?  Disciplined
  14. Muffins?  Poppyseed
  15. Wish list item? Lens
  16. Last thing you did? Typed
  17. What are you wearing? Clothing
  18. Favorite TV shows? Funny
  19. Your pets? Nelson
  20. Friends? Patient
  21. Your life? Confusing
  22. Your mood? Calm
  23. Missing someone? Indeed
  24. Drinking? Sure
  25. Your car? White
  26. Something you’re not wearing? Chaps
  27. Your favorite store? Target
  28. Your favorite color? Green
  29. When is the last time you cried?  Recently
  30. Where do you go over and over? Worryland
  31. My favorite place to eat? Home
  32. Favorite place you’d like to be right now? Sunny

Enough of that. Now I have a few important pictures from the past month.

This is one of my Christmas presents. It’s awesome–have you seen these? He’s a little electronic butterfly that looks real when he’s flying around the jar. I named him Nelson, and normally I don’t name non-living things. He’s that realistic.Stop by my office and I’ll let you tap the jar.

Another cute present I received was this ladybug cutting board/trivet! 

Are these called snow drops? Well, whatever they are, they are now blooming.

And finally, I want to mention two blogs:

MamaFlock – My sister (R) finally started a public blog! It’s about motherhood and stuff. Go show your support by leaving a comment saying I sent you. 🙂 That will make her like me more.

Sometimes the grass is greener – This is my friend T’s husband’s blog. (He’s my friend too.) He writes about stuff like being a stay-at-home dad.

Okay, have a great week! Coming soon: pancake recipe.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I'm going to try to email the questioneer to you. I love the picture of the leaf-shaped ice and the snow drops! What a cute cutting board. Of course, you know I think the butterfly is ingenious. Sorry about the $150, though.- Mom

  2. You're funny. 🙂

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Love that darling cutting board! I hope to see it backing up some delicious 365 foods … sliced bread mayhaps. 🙂

    Also, thanks for the shout-out about the new blog! I hope it's not a big flop. :\


  4. My cell phone is in my sister's purse.
    Your hair is graying already? =/
    Nelson is awesome!!
    I'm following your sister's blog now.

  5. Mom, are you saying you're not sending the cash? 😉

    R – Yeah I will probably feature it, although the cutting part is the non-dotted side. The dotted side is for a trivet.

    Samantha – Yep, graying already.

  6. Is it OK to still respond to this one? 🙂

    Where is your cell phone? By my side…as always
    Spouse? Still working on that one…
    Your hair? Totally curly today
    Your family? Doin' fine!
    Your favorite thing? Smile dimples
    Your dream last night? That was a long time ago…
    Your favorite drink? Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the morning
    What room are you in? Living Room
    Your hobby? Yardwork and reading
    Your fear? Being hit and thrown into the Willamette River on the bridge
    Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married
    Where were you last night? Home
    Something that you aren't? Married
    Muffins? Cranberry Orange
    Wish list item? Breadmaker
    Last thing you did? Ate
    What are you wearing? Work clothes
    Favorite TV shows? Drama
    Your pets? None
    Friends? Yes, I have them…
    Your life? Many layers
    Your mood? Getting sleepy
    Missing someone? Yes
    Drinking? Fruit punch
    Your car? Toyota Corolla
    Something you're not wearing? Shoes
    Your favorite store? Target
    Your favorite color? Green
    When is the last time you cried? A couple months ago?
    Where do you go over and over? To work
    My favorite place to eat? Sassy Onion, right now…
    Favorite place you'd like to be right now? The beach

  7. Wow, Jennifer, you really went back into the old times here! Yes, of course it's always okay to leave more comments. 😀

    I've never been to Sassy Onion, but I've heard of it.

    Hm…someone wants to get married! 🙂

    Wow, you haven't cried in two months? I think I cry every week or two, at the very least. I'm weepier the older I get.

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