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January 3, 2011

Happy new year! I am on my final day of vacation, which I can’t believe. I certainly haven’t done everything I had hoped, but I got all of the mandatory stuff out of the way. Today’s theme is folding laundry. I’m so excited!

I had hoped to go take some kind of winter photos, but it’s been pretty cold and I’ve been incredibly lazy over the weekend. It was to make up for all of the busyness of last week. The only thing I have for you is this closeup of the ice in my hummingbird feeder:

Now to the main point of this entry. Here are some of my online friends’ blogs, etc. I like spreading the word for others who wouldn’t mind more readers. Sorry if this bores you–feel free to skip. 🙂 Also, see my “links” topic for other recommendations.

Danielle Carey – Danielle is a friend from Australia who writes (well!) about her life–mainly the pleasant little aspects of her days–and posts fairly regularly. Oh and she’s a very nice and awesome person. 🙂

small pieces of inspiration and accomplishment – This friend grew up in the US but married an Australian, so she now lives there with her three kids. She’s funny, smart and crafty, and doesn’t post nearly enough (she may be a little busy), so hopefully this mention doesn’t put undesired pressure on her.

Also, her younger sister is a really good artist, and I have enjoyed following her blog. Go look at her pictures!

Softly Sweetly – My friend’s etsy store for handcrafted marshmallows. I’m not even a marshmallow fan, but I enjoyed them (as did my family) and want to try more. She has built up her little business and now makes several flavors that sound really tempting! Go check it out for fun, even if you have no intention to buy. (R, I hope it’s okay that I stole one of your store photos to make my entry look more interesting. :))

Okay, that’s good for now. If your blog wasn’t mentioned, it might be that I linked it previously, didn’t get your permission to mention it, or will catch it on a future post.


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  1. Dania permalink

    Those marshmallows are wonderful!! I need to buy myself some more some time.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot you've tried them! The cherry ones, right?

  3. I love the look of those marshmallows. I've been to her etsy store before and thought I should try one of each kind 😉
    My sis tried the homemade marshmallows this year; they were great!

  4. Samantha – yeah, she has sampler platters and sometimes I'll mentally “build” my own sample platter with the flavors I'd want to try. 😀

    I think I'd love mini versions of every flavor. I'm very curious about some of them!

  5. I liked this post, mostly because I missed the fact of Ruthie having a blog and now I am happy. 😀 Thanks for the linkage!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    That ice picture is rad. I do like checking out other blogs though I only regularly follow a couple (yours, namely). But it's been fun to just see what else is out there. So thanks!

    Those marshmallows do look delightful. C has wanted to make some of his own homemade ones … maybe I can inspire him by ordering some of those for him. 🙂 Valentine's Day is coming up!! Yes. -R

  7. R – Good idea! I don't remember if he likes cherry/berry types of things, but obviously those would be cutely valentiney. Oooh.. I bet Rachael has some fun Valentine marshmallow gifts planned! We shall see.

  8. The ice in the feeder is so cool!!

  9. Hmm, never really cared for marshmallows, but if they're all fancy and covered in chocolaty goodness I would give them a whirl ; )

  10. Joe: I forgot you weren't a marshmallow fan either!

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