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October 15, 2010

I wish I had something really great to say, but I don’t. Life is difficult, lately, but there are the good things mixed in, like:

1. Making dinner for friends, and having it turn out well.
2. Great weather.
3. A clean home.
4. Pretty sunrises.

5. Good sermons.
6. A super-comfortable bed.
7. God’s provision for a last-minute plane ticket.
8. Coworkers who take some of my jobs off my hands, so I’m not as stressed.
9. Friends who ask me how I’m doing, give me gifts, write me notes/texts/comments, make me a birthday dinner, compliment me, invite me places, listen to me talk through the same things over and over, pray for me, and even interoffice me tea bags.
10. Comforting Bible verses.
11. Steller’s Jays. Because even though they don’t have a pretty song, they are nicely-colored.

12. Chocolate milk.
13. Pride and Prejudice, of course.
14. Blue Wii remotes.

Happy birthday to my dad today!


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  1. What a good reminder to look at all the positive things in life. Thank you!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, thank you, however you know negativity is a major struggle for me. But I did feel better after thinking about these positive things last night.

  3. I love the end of #9 – interoffice me tea bags. Cracks me up! Glad it brings you joy!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Nice positivity list! You are amazing to think of so many while so many hard things are going on (I know). I'm glad for your plane ticket, too, I heard about that from Mom. -R

  5. R – I'm not amazing, and you know that better than anyone. It's one thing to list goods in my blog and another to live consistently with a positive attitude. You have heard enough of my whining to know I'm not consistent. šŸ˜›

  6. Glad about your plane ticket!

    I like Steller's Jays too. I wish we had them here.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    You're amazing to me. In many ways. Even in your inconsistency — which means you are human — I find joy. šŸ™‚ -R

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