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Fall + Games

September 23, 2010

Happy equinox to you and you and you! To me, it’s now fall. To poemy people, it’s now autumn. To people in the southern hemisphere, it’s been spring for awhile now. They don’t start their seasons on equinoxes and solstices, I don’t think. That’s a fun fact for you (plus free alliteration!).

I know I just posted today, but I had written that post a couple of days ago, so it feels like I haven’t posted in awhile. Not that I’ve had anything important to say, but since when does that stop me?

First, here’s a photo I took today:

Not very fally, huh? It does actually feel kind of spring-like around here, lately. Okay, the photography portion of my entry is now complete.

Here are the games I’ve been playing lately. No, not Bubble Spinner (spin spin spin). By the way, I stole these little images from places on the web. It was just easier.

Vector TD
Why do I like this game? It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. There’s actually a newer version out, but I prefer this first one.

For some reason I’ve been in love with this card game since shortly after I learned how to play. I didn’t pick it up right away, but then it suddenly clicked and now it’s one of my favorite card games. I’m a total Cribbage Patch Kid. I like it in real life, too, but it’s handy to have the computer tally my score for me. 🙂

Another great card game, but you can’t exactly play it online anywhere (that I know of). This is a game you can purchase and then connect to others who have the same game installed, or just play the computer. I hate the name, because it makes it impossible to look it up online (it’s often spelled with just one s) and it sounds like I’m playing slots.

Have you played any of these games? Do you have any game recommendations? I apparently need to waste more time.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    No comments?! I've been gone for three days and I came back and can still be the first to comment? Wow, I feel under pressure here. What to say … what to say … um, razzle-dazzle? -R

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Those games do look fun. And I do like fall … er, autumn. I guess I'm poemy. I always prefer the word autumn because “fall” makes me think of Adam and Eve … and nudity. Ever wonder what season it was when they were put in the Garden? Maybe it was fall. But probably it was spring. Hmm. -R

  3. I don't really play computer games. Except FreeCell. 🙂

  4. R! Haha.. you've never told me the Adam/Eve/nudity thing. I thought you just think “autumn” is pettier-sounding.

    I don't know–how long were they even in the garden, anyway?

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