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Good things

September 1, 2010

I’d like to post something fabulous, but I’m coming up empty these days. I keep seeing lots of inspiring things on blogs I follow, causing me to have little sparks of creativity that die out in about 3 seconds. It hasn’t been the happiest of weeks, to be honest. But that’s why the little things are all the better. Here are some of the little goods from the past week…

1. I got my plane tickets to go visit my sister in New Mexico during the annual Balloon Fiesta! This is something I’ve been wanting to go to since I heard about it in 1998, long before the thought of living in Albuquerque was even a twinkle in my sister’s eye. It’s funny how life turns out.

That photo, by the way, is not from the balloon festival–it’s from when I visited my sister last February. It’s just to represent the topic, not actually depict it. Don’t be silly.

Oh and the best part was that I was able to use my Rapid Rewards free flight from Southwest, so the total came to $5 for security fees. I ❤ Southwest! (Note: If Southwest is reading this entry, yes I would happily accept another free flight for this advertisement. Thank you.)

2. New bedding! I have had mismatched bedding for years now, and finally splurged when I saw the comforter I wanted was on sale. Please ignore the wrinkles. And the blank walls.

The set came with decorative pillows. I don’t think I’ve ever had decorative pillows that went with my comforter. So does my bed look awesome or what?

3. My parents are coming to visit me in October! (Yes, I must end every good with an exclamation point.) I’m too lazy to come up with a representative photo for this, plus you just saw my parents on the last entry. Anyway, this is obviously very exciting news, as it’s always good to have family and friends coming to visit. Plus, my dad hasn’t been up here in over three years, since it’s easier for me to just go down there. This has been the year of visits! First my mom, then my former roommate, then my sister and niece, and now both of my parents.

4. I got a present from some coworkers! I didn’t deserve it, but a very nice married couple that I work with decided to be generous and thoughtful toward me. 

One of my favorite parts of the gift was these animal print binder clips. I can’t wait to need one.

What have been your little goods lately? For every good thing you tell me about, you may buy me a Starbucks iced tea.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I'm so happy you're coming! And heck yeah, those binder clips are awesome. You know my love for office supplies. But even awesomer (ha) than the clips is your bedding. Wow. I love it. Beautiful. -R

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Oh, and my little goods — starting with how you'll give me an ear for my goods without charging me in cups of tea because I'm your sister 🙂 — are the pens C brought home to me after a college event he worked, getting my school room all organized in time to start back up next week and the funny little things our kids say like my oldest son's quote yesterday: “All the really good spy movies have chimpanzees.” Ha. Too good not to laugh, especially since he was completely serious. -R

  3. Yes, you would've loved this package–it was almost purely office supplies!

    Hm…you seemed to have named a good that does not exist. Your penalty is one additional tea, which means you now owe me five.

    That's hilarious about the chimps! How many spy movies even have chimps?!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I don't know how many spy movies have chimps (he was watching “Spy Mate” at the time), but I found this website that may help you find out:

    P.S. I charge five teas for miscellaneous website referals, so now we're even. 🙂 -R

  5. Southwest, I will be happy to advertise for you too!!!

    I saw your bedding in the weekly ad and thought of you.

  6. You and D both! You girls are all about the ads. 🙂

    R: I didn't ask for the website referral, therefore you still owe me five teas!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Um, yes you did. I inferred that you wanted the website referral with your question “How many spy movies even have chimps?!” The exclamation point on the end even let me know that you urgently wanted to know — so I put a rush to find some kind of answer for you.

    Even. 🙂 -R

  8. Well, I don't agree that we're even, but I'm willing to pay 5 teas to end this conversation. 😛

  9. Anonymous permalink

    🙂 I knew I could wear you down one way or another. 🙂 -R

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