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The usual flower photos

August 24, 2010

I’m so predictable sometimes. I know that a lot of my flower photos have the same techniques, and you’re probably thinking, “Haven’t we seen these before?” I guess I’m just not tired of certain techniques yet! Bear with me, Lovelies. Here are some more photos I took yesterday.

A closeup of the previous photo because I thought that center part was interesting. I really need to memorize flower parts so I can refer to them by the right name and sound like a botanist.

I was loving this plant because of the lines and stuff, so I took several. (Pictures, not plants.) I’ll dedicate these ones to my sister R, since blue flowers make me think of her.

Plus, by dedicating photos to someone, it makes them more patient about looking at all of them. 🙂 Not that R ever shows even a hint of impatience at my photos–she’s a nice fan.

I’m mixing up the order, just for fun. Oh and these looked better in real life. Colors in the red family are harder to capture in photos, I’ve noticed.

More R flowers!

I’m not sure what this is, but it looks like Star Jasmine and Hydrangea’s love child. Hydrasmine.

I also really like photographing this type of plant. Every time I see it somewhere, I want to take pictures of it. It’s a combination of the color, the tiny buds and the little crooked stems/branches that brings out a photography desire in me.

And one more blue one. The end!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Wow! You made my day with all the blue flower shoutouts! Thanks. I loved these all as usual. I will love them more when I can have time on my regular computer. Small, slow view doesn't do these justice. But I'm glad I checked even under less convenient circumstances (I'm on iPod Touch for readers who don't know what I'm talking about – nevermind that J is leaning on my arm while I type on this dinky, overly spell-correcty, onscreen keyboard – not to sound ungrateful because I do like this iPod, I really do).

    So, um, sorry, didn't mean to hijack your blog to do a mini-blogpost review. Maybe I should delete and leave a shorter comment. But that takes forever on this touchscreen. So I'll just submit.

    But I really do enjoy the pretty floral pictures. Thanks for sharing. – R

  2. No, there's nothing wrong with your comment. It would be hard to type all of that on a little iPod, though! You're a master like my friend Jennifer.

  3. Jennifer permalink

    LOL! I'm so glad I decided to comment because first I was going to say that you always seem to make me smile and laugh with your posts and then I read the comments and I'm laughing even more! 🙂 Thanks for a lovely end to the day. 🙂

  4. 😀 Well, you really are impressive with that phone!

  5. I like the closeup and the red flowers, good stuff!

  6. Hydrasmine. It's the new hit baby name.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you! I've looked on the main computer and I was right — even beautifuler (ha) on the big screen. I do agree with Joe, the closeup and the red ones are particular great enlarged. 🙂 -R

  8. When you guys mention the “red” one I assume you're talking about the pink one. Anyway, tahnks!

  9. I'm a good speller.

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