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Flowers and Birds

August 9, 2010

Here are a few random photos I have taken over the last weekend or so.

I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s raining in this photo. I thought it was weird because the sky was very clear. Obviously there was a cloud above , but it wasn’t dark or thick, so it was amazing that it had anything coming out of it.

Just a pretty sky.

Proof that hummingbirds do hang out at the flowers sometimes, but they are really hard to photograph there.

I killed many of the flowers when I tried to kill the aphids, but some are hanging on.

Are you sick of purple petunia photos yet? Notice the Topsy Turvy has faded to white.

This hummingbird looks like it has yellow frost painted on its head. I know it’s really hard to tell in this photo, but if I crop it down anymore, you’ll see how out of focus it is. It was far away.

The neighbor’s hanging flower baskets. All of the colors in this picture make me happy and I think I need to take more pictures later. I heard them coming outside right after I took this, so I had to stop pointing a big lens in their direction.

Aren’t you excited to get up for work tomorrow morning? Man, I TOTALLY AM. Not only do I love getting up to an alarm, but I love knowing I have five more days of work!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    First, I didn't know the topsy-turvy baskets faded like that. Weird!

    Second, I love the colors in these photos, but I especially love your pretty sky. It really is!! What a nice beautiful day. (Or buttaful, like my son put in his prayer journal today: “Thank you for the buttaful day.”) -R

  2. Wow, such pretty, colorful photos!

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