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Butterflies (Pt. 5)

July 20, 2010

Are you sick of butterfly talk yet?

Today I switched the chrysalides (I learned that this is one way to plural that word, and it’s pronounced like “chrysalideez”) to the butterfly home. It wasn’t a fun process, but I’m very glad to be rid of the gross caterpillar cup!

First, a quick look at the chrysalides today. They have taken on a bit of a metallic look in some places, like someone painted them with gold nail polish. It’s very hard to photograph it, but maybe you can get the idea from these.

Well, not as much from this, but this photo helps you understand the size since part of my hand happens to be in the picture.

Here they are being held up to the light. You can see some gold/shiny speckles and even a stripe on the one on the left.

So, the caterpillar cup has a piece of paper between the lid and the cup (which is what the caterpillars attached themselves to), and the instructions were to take that out and then pin it into the butterfly house, near the bottom.

Here’s la casa de las mariposas! Also featuring my green chair in the background of the left photo.

Happily pinned in place. I was kind of worried that with turning them sidewaysish, there will be “hatching” issues, but I’m following the instructions! And I tried to pick the direction that had the least amount of overlapping.

There shouldn’t be any action for another week, but I will update you on the way the chrysalises/chrysalides look, as they change. And hey, maybe I’ll post about something non-butterfly-y in the meantime!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I'm anxiously awaiting. I noticed one of the chrysalides has like caterpillar fuzz sticking out of it, but I don't see it in the last pictures. Did you remove it? Or is it at a different angle? Inquiring mind wants to know. -R

  2. I removed it with tweezers (that I will sterilize!!!). I was already supposed to remove any excess silk, etc. because stuff can get in the way of a successful exit from the cocoon.

  3. This is SOOO awesome!! And I was busting up at the video – totally watched it twice 🙂

  4. Yay, Holly commented! The very giver of the butterflies!

    Thank you. 😀

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