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Garden Photos

July 15, 2010

On my way home from the library last night, I stopped by a local rose garden and–surprise!–took some pictures.

I didn’t really come up with a great way to photograph these, but I just thought they were so cute, like candy. They remind me of one of the Candy Land lands, but I don’t remember which one.

It was getting a little late for sharp photos, but I worked it out.

Kindly ignore the tent-like canopy in the background.

And that building. Or house? Instead, see how the sun was making patches of roses all glowy.

I might’ve taken a few too many hydrangea photos, but I narrowed it way the heck down for you, so fear not.

I like how they can be different colors on the same bush.

If that little baby blossom, poking his head out up there, had a voice, wouldn’t it be weird if it came out all booming like the fake voice we use when we’re impersonating God? (And weirder: what if someone impersonated God with a squeaky, little voice?)

Blue flowers always stand out so much since they aren’t necessarily very common. Although, I feel like I see them a lot more now, but maybe I just didn’t notice them when I was growing up (or maybe they like the PNW better than the hot valley of CA).

These ones have good stems and leaves for photography, though it was getting too dark to spend much time on them.

Oh whoops–I guess I could toss some rose photos in here, since it was the rose garden after all. I almost forgot about them. Here we have an incredibly unique photo. It’s so rare to come across a photo of a rose bud, you know? I was really stretching myself for this one.

And this one. But I loooove peach roses. I remember my high school friend getting a big bunch of peach roses for some event (her birthday?), and obviously they were awesome enough that I still remember them over 16 (!! 😦 😦 !!) years later.

Okay, well that wasn’t the most unique set of photos, but I still liked taking them. I haven’t really burned myself out on flower photos yet, unfortunately for all my friends and family. 🙂


From → Bush Park, nature

  1. Those were EXCELLENT. These are some of my faves of flower photos you've taken. I especially loved the rosebud! So… wistful and delicate and sweet. Good job!

  2. Thank you!

  3. I never get tired of flower photos! They are always so pretty and make me happy!

  4. Those striped petunias are gorgeous!!! I haven't seen any of that kind here, but if I do next year, I'm planting some.

  5. I'm glad, Katrina!

    Brenda – Yeah, I'm not sure if I have either. They're very cute with all of those colors together in one patch like that.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Love, love, love, love, love. -R

  7. Thanks, R! You've been here–I don't know if you realized it was the same place I took you and S right before Neck Incident 2010.

  8. Love the blue hydrangeas and the sunlit roses.

  9. Thank you. 🙂

  10. Jessica:
    I just love seeing your blog! I couldn't find a “general” place to comment so I am on the flower blog. But the whole site is wonderful—it is my creative retreat after a long day.
    You have a real eye for beauty and your photos are some of the best!

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