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Butterflies (Pt. 1)

July 14, 2010

Hey, guess what arrived yesterday?

And in a cute little box! No, not a watermelon. Not a new house. Not a cruise. Not three Hershey’s kisses.

Caterpillars! These are my butterflies-to-be, if I don’t accidentally kill them. They sent five and guarantee at least three will successfully change to butterflies, or I can get a new set.

Does it bother anyone to see pictures of caterpillars? Well…too late now.

They all seem to be alive, just kind of hanging out, moving only a little, and spinning a bit of silk here and there. The place looks like a haunted cup with all those “cobwebs.” Supposedly they will eventually (7-10 days) spin cocoons that hang from the lid of the cup. That’s when I remove the lid and transfer them over to my butterfly cage while they cook for another 7-10 days and then emerge as beautiful wing-ed creatures! (What if I talked like that?) Don’t worry, I will keep posting photos when things change.

And in slightly related news, here’s the update on my hanging flower basket:

Classy date font, huh? It was just the last one I used in PhotoShop, so I left it. I’m not really so fancy.

Notice those white flowers on the bottom have grown to more than a foot from the basket. The plant info said it would grow about six inches, which is why I put that particular type on the bottom. Now I’m thinking I should’ve done the lavender ones (not very visible in these photos) along the bottom since they stay pretty close to la canasta. Live and learn!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    First of all, welcome future butterflies of America! Fun. Secondly, your Topsy Turvy basket is going great! I'm impressed and amazed. -R

  2. Tina permalink

    I love your hanging pot. 🙂 Also, will you keep your butterflies in like a fish tank?

  3. R – I know, I'm pretty amazed at those crazy flowers myself! I didn't realize quite how much they had grown before I did some comparisons!

    Tina – Thanks! No they have a netted house to keep them in. You'll see in future photos. 🙂 I can keep them as long as they live or I can set them free, and since I'd rather not clean up after dead butterflies, I will probably keep them for awhile and then set them free to explor in their short life (like 4 weeks total as butterflies).

  4. Fayelle permalink

    WOW on the flowers!!! How awesome!

    I LOVE YOUR CATERPILLARS!!! Please please please take more pictures as time goes by! like, when they go to cocoon status and then to butterfly status. I'm so excited!

  5. Thanks! You know I'll take pictures. Is there anything I don't photograph? Besides myself. So far things look about the same in their little cup castle, so I haven't had anything to report.

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