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New birds

July 10, 2010

I’ve seen a couple of new birds over the past week. One was in Tahoe and the other was here over the pond. The photos aren’t the greatest, but you’ll survive.

White-headed Woodpecker

This is cool because I looked it up and found they are only in a very small area of the US. How fun that I was in the right area! And thanks to my sister who pointed this one out so I could get photos.

Green Heron

Tonight I looked out and saw what looked like a small [blue] heron landing near the water, and I thought maybe it was a baby. It took a while to figure this one out, and I’ve never heard of a green heron before! Pretty, huh? (I mean on the What Bird page, not my photo of it.) Too bad I didn’t get better photos. I guess they aren’t uncommon, but are just hard to see. They are in this part of Oregon only during the summer.

In completely unrelated news, this article was linked to my Google start page tonight, so I have to mention it:

How to Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height

Really? Is this something people don’t understand and need directions for? It seems like an April Fool’s article. “For the shorter person: lean back a bit and reach up.” Haha…okay, will do. I never thought of that!!

  1. Neat Birds. I saw a pheasant on the way home tonight walking across the street. That was cool!

  2. Oh yeah? I've never seen one here!

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