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Good and Bad

June 27, 2010

GOOD: It’s a really nice day. The weather has been awesome for at least 24 hours!
BAD: I have all sorts of indoor chores I need to do.

GOOD: I took some dragonfly photos–they agreed to sit still for me!
BAD: They insisted on the boringest perch possible. I guess they’re so egotistical that they prefer no distractions from their beauty.

GOOD: I went to the beach with friends yesterday and the weather was perfect!
BAD: I got sunburned.

GOOD: We saw a whale and several sea lions out in the water!
BAD: I couldn’t catch any decent photos of either type of animal. They weren’t really cooperating. Observe:

That’s the whale. Aren’t you in awe of its majesty?

And a sea lion. Such amazing photography that I feel I can reach out and give it a high five.

Notice I am not adding my watermark to those. In fact, I’d be happy if others claimed they took them and they left no trace back to me.

Okay, one final set of photos from today, just because I find cherries to be happy and summery (even though I don’t like eating them very much).

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Love the dragonfly and cherry pics. The ocean wildlife photos may not be your best photography (darn them for not cooperating), but how cool that you got to see them with your own eyes! So the photos are reminiscent of coolness. Glad the weather is good for you! -R

  2. Yes, it was cool to see them. I just saw the edge of the whale's back but that's more than I've seen in the past!

  3. I forget that cherries are actually from your area. I bet they're really cheap there! Here they're like $4 a pound at the best of times.

  4. Oh yeah! I forget that too. My parents also have a cherry tree and are always trying to get rid of bags of them. Too bad I can't ship them to you! šŸ™‚ I'm jealous of areas where they have avocados growing like mad and are trying to get rid of them. šŸ™‚

  5. Love the right dragonfly pic. I'm glad he was egotistical and perched there : )

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