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June 25, 2010

I probably shouldn’t start a post when I have nothing to say, but I’m feeling careless. Here goes some rambling.

1. A few minutes ago I sat down at my computer and was immediately reminded to take care of something. But whatever it was immediately left my brain again and only the nagging feeling remains. Now I’m all on edge about it. I’ve tried getting up and walking back to my desk again to help trigger the memory, but it didn’t help. I even tried playing a bit of Wii Mario, but that didn’t seem to help either, crazily enough.

2. Speaking of Mario, I am only able to get through the game via Luigi and the green doorbell. If you’ve played (poorly), you will know what I mean. If you have not, then you are bored and browsing away from this blog entry as we speak.

3. Wow, I just realized Blogger is going to drive me insane with the constant “Saving..Saved” flickering below my posting box. Is that new? I don’t remember it doing that before. Blogger: it’s fine if you want to save every few seconds, just shut up about it already!

4. I sound grouchy, but I’m not. I’m totes fine. And I’m kidding about the “totes” business–it’s just some of that goofy internet slang that I like to make fun of. I prefer to stick to the sophisticated, unabbreviated terminology myself…kwim?

5. Random: I’m coming up on my fourth anniversary at my current church. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was the last Sunday in June when I first attended. It took only one visit and I said, “Okay, I’ll stay here.” I think it was a combination of being tired of church-hunting and finally finding a medium-sized church that had a choir.

6. It feels weird whenever I post without any photos, so right now I will look at what photos I have on my camera and pick one for you. Ready?

Ha! I forgot about this photo. I kept forgetting* to buy more q-tips, so when I finally remembered (and found turquoise ones!), it seemed like such a happy thing to have them restocked that I decided to take a picture. Man, GOOD THING I have my watermark on this picture, because I bet people are going to try and steal it and claim it as their own. It would probably spread around the internet like wildfire, too. (Who said “spread like wildflowers” the other day? R?) Special deal for my readers: $200 for an 8×10, today only. Contact me for pricing on additional sizes.

[Is anyone else totally bothered by that q-tip, on the right, that is sticking out a bit more sideways than the others? Is it driving anyone crazy right now?]

7. Happy birthday to my mom today. πŸ™‚ She’s 60, which I can’t believe–she looks way too young. Plus, I’m way too young to have a 60-year-old mom! She’s the best mom, though, and you are jealous that she’s not your mom. I used the word “mom” a lot in this paragraph. Mom.

*Anyone else notice a theme here? I am definitely Forgetty Forgetterson about a LOT of stuff. It’s been a lifelong struggle. I do know a lot of useless facts, though–I can tell you the birth dates of old crushes, for instance. In case you want to buy them presents.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Well, “spread like wildflowers” is the way I always say it because it seems prettier than wildfires (and it is one of my charms to mix up euphemisms), but you didn't talk to me the other day. So you probably heard it from my dear hubby, who decided he loves me too much to correct me and forevermore uses 'wildflowers' in that saying as well. πŸ™‚ -R

  2. Well, by “the other day” I meant anytime between one month and three years ago, so yeah it was you!

  3. Jennifer permalink

    As li mentioned earlier, you crack me up! I'm so glad you decided to stay at Grace after that one visit! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. I like the Q-tip picture. It's interesting. πŸ™‚

    I've noticed the Blogger flickering thing too. It drives me NUTS!

  5. I feel like maybe it had stopped doing that the next time I posted, so maybe they fixed it? I hope so!

  6. Well, by “the other day” I meant anytime between one month and three years ago, so yeah it was you!

    Hahaha, you're all old and stuff. Only old people do that. Like me.

    How much for wallet-sized?

    I like the defiant Q-tip. Rebellious little cotton swab!

  7. Yeah… I'm old. 😦

    “I'm evil. :(“

    Wallet size will run you about $40. So you'll take 12?

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