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June 16, 2010

I thought I’d share some blogs that I follow, because I’m sure you are very curious. Although, I also know that you’re not.

I actually have 122 blog subscriptions, according to Google Reader, but that’s very misleading. A handful are blogs that are password protected, and though Google is supposed to at least notify me that they’ve been updated, it doesn’t. Then there is an even bigger handful (probably of someone with larger hands than mine) of blogs I have subscribed to and later learned that the person never updates, but I just haven’t cleared them off. And then there are those who update, but only very rarely.

So once you remove all of those, I probably only see 20 or 30 blogs on a regular basis, and many of those are skimmed. That’s me–I’m a skimmer!

Now that we’ve established that important information, here are just a few selections, by category:

Cake Wrecks – People submit photos of professionally-done cakes that are poorly done and the blogger says funny things about them.

Awkward Family Photos – Same idea, but photos.

Big Mama –  Just a funny writer talking about her day-to-day life as a mom in the south.

Michelle Moore – A senior portrait and fashion photographer in Seattle that I get a lot of good ideas/inspiration from. And humility, of course.

Whitebox – A photographer (different types of portraits from children to weddings) that I like and who updates pretty frequently.

This category can go on and on, so I’ll probably link you to more another time.


Mennonite Girls Can Cook – Daily recipes, all including photos.

Simply Recipes – A very popular recipe blog that I just learned more background on from a post she did yesterday. Also, she’s from Carmichael, CA, which I thought was cool.. I didn’t realize she was so local (to where I grew up, I mean).

More of my friends are starting blogs, but not a lot of them are actually keeping up with them. Still, I’ll start you off with a couple. I will share more as they become more active. Yes, I’m talking about you, Jennifer!

Unhistoric Acts – Brenda is one of my closest friends and she has a very easy-to-read style of writing. She also has the ability to restate rambly, complicated ideas in a concise manner, which always impresses me.

Pearls & Picket Fences – Laura is a new mom and relatively new wife. I have appreciated her realness and encouragement over the years. She’s not afraid to be honest about her struggles and yet she’s also a very cheerful, godly woman.

Feel free to share some links with me!


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  1. Yes, I read your blog tonight and yes, I noted that you mentioned me, and yes, I got my blog up tonight too! Yahoo!! Thank you, my Blogifriend! 🙂

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Well, feel good, because yours is the only blog I follow with any kind of regularity. I do glance at two others from time to time, but they update like every six months or so … 🙂 But yours is fun. So thanks. -R

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