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Wildlife Refuge

June 15, 2010

I went to the nearby refuge a third time this year, which is a record for me. My friend K had expressed an interest in going and I certainly didn’t mind checking on the growth and taking more photos. The resulting photos are a little boring, even though I had a fun outing. They don’t really capture the scene very well, so you might want to pretend they’re prettier or even just skip them.

Funnily enough, we ran into one of our coworkers on the trail (and no, I don’t mean each other)! Considering there were maybe 10-15 people on it total, I thought that was quite a coincidence.

First, here is the lovely K patiently posing for me again. She’s cooperative.

Here’s another young bird being weird, kind of like the one at the Japanese Garden. It’s fluff city down there on its chest, so it must be barely changing over to adulthood. Not that I’m a bird expert.

There were lots of these wild roses (as K called them…not sure if there’s another name) growing along the trail. They smelled good.

This one’s totally encroaching on the path meant for people. I took this photo so I can report it to the cops.

I was hoping for some bullfrog action since it was finally warming up. We saw several! That means you get to see photos of several.

Here’s another one.

And then another one, plus a dragonfly intermission.  Or damselfly?

Two angles of the same frog! It’s your special day.

This was the main type of duck there and I still don’t know what kind it is.

We saw not one but two nutria, even though they tend to be nocturnal. One was full grown and hidden in the shade, but this baby was wandering around where we were looking for frogs. It was kind of hard to get photos since it was all messed up in the grass, but you get the idea. Nasty, and yet exciting to have more wildlife sightings.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t done with the frog photos!

Cute clover all over the water.

Okay, you’re done. Where are you headed now? It’s almost nighttime minutes on my cell, so I can call my friend who is enjoying a vacation in Friday Harbor, WA. I am muy jealous.

  1. Those frogs are huge!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Your bullfrong pics remind me of the two desert toads we have living in our backyard. I think they're the same two from last year at this time because they're way the heck bigger … of course, I don't know much about toad longevity. But they drive our dog crazy! We find them every time my husband mows because they hop for cover. They're our outdoor pets. Our youngest daughter named one, Toady. The other one has not impressed her enough to earn a name. -R

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Mom and I wish we could raise some more bullfrogs. Great pics as usual.

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