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June 10, 2010

Sorry about my unintentional hiatus from blogging. Life has been busy, and anything I’ve had to say was not for public eyes (social security numbers and stuff). I do have weekend photos to show you later, but for now I’ll just give you a mix of info:

1. I pinched a nerve in my neck over the weekend. It was wonderful. I very much enjoy only being able to sit or stand with perfect posture, fearing a tiny move will paralyze me with pain. Fortunately, the worst part was over after about 24 hours.

2. It was also very awesome that the neck issue happened while having guests! But at least I had slaves to help me with small tasks that were too painful. My sister even unstuffed part of a pillow that was “too tall” and helped me set up a very creative sleeping arrangement involving my bed, a chair and every pillow I own. I used it for all of 20 minutes, which was probably less time than it took to construct.

3. I’m currently mad at the weather. June is one third over, Sun. KEEP UP.

4. Grinch section: All of the birthdays happening this month have reminded me, again, that I don’t understand the big deal with the birthday song. Does anyone over the age of three really get any enjoyment out of hearing it sung to them? For my birthday, I would love the gift of not having to stand there awkwardly while people sing to me. It’s not even a pretty song!

5. Current audio book: The Miracle at Speedy Motors, which is number 9 in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. I’ve really enjoyed this series, and the reader for the audio version (Lisette Lecat) is excellent. This is a case where I would say the audio version is the better way to go.

6. Newest member of the Jessica household: Wii Black!! This is my first game console, unless you count that football game of my dad’s that I kind of took over and hogged from my sisters. I may not know anything about football, but I can get that bright dot across the screen like I’m Joe Montana! Or the Fridge. Those are the only two football players’ names I know, because I’m so sporty.

7. Just for fun, I’ll throw in a couple of photos I’ve taken of the healthiest of foods that I’ve cooked up recently:

Some shortbread cookies. I think this photo is pretty drab, but the cookies were delish.

What was essentially homemade Hamburger Helper (macaroni and cheese with ground turkey). Comfort food was in order that day.


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  1. Jennifer permalink

    #2: Slaves? LOL. That's such a funny mental pictures.
    #3: I TOTALLY agree!!
    #4: Duly noted.
    #5: I put that series in my list of audio books to check out after I finish listening to the dozen or so I have waiting patiently on my mp3 player. Wasn't there another series that you recommended to me not too long ago? I'm drawing a blank. Where do you get your audio books from?
    #6: Did you note that football game is going for around $90 on Amazon! Wow! You'd better watch me closely when I come to your house next. 🙂

  2. Hello, commenter!

    5a. I think I was mentioning the Paul Madriani series by Steve Martini. They're legal thrillers that I have enjoyed (though I've not read the entire series yet).

    5b. I get them from this obscure place called the library. 😉 I don't have any way to play my iPod in my car, so I have to use the old school CDs.

    6. Yeah, that's ridiculous! Just a few years ago they were selling them again for like $10. I know because someone got one for my brother-in-law. I don't know where my dad's is now–it could be in my stuff or maybe my parents' garage. If you're going to steal something, you should probably go for the camera equipment instead. But I will find you if you do…and I know where to find your family, too.

  3. Jennifer permalink

    Haha! I like your obscure place. 🙂 I usually get mine from Audible or from the library's “to go” service. When I can't find something at the library and I don't want to use one of my credits from Audible, I get actually CD's from the library too. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on home goodie finding. I'll just warn Dad not to go to work for awhile. 😉

  4. Anonymous permalink

    It was a pleasure serving you as your slave. But don't worry, I know when your birthday is. And now I know just how to get payback. Mua-ha-haha! :-P. -R

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