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Kid portraits

May 29, 2010

Finally another portraits post! I’ve been anxious for more portrait practice but hadn’t had another opportunity until I went back to the iris garden with my friend and her little boy last night. It wasn’t the most masculine place to photograph him, but he had fun running around. The place was almost empty most of the time*, which made it an extra-perfect night to be there. Of course I will do a separate post, later, with more flower photos. You can view the iris garden post from my first visit here.

Kids can be a challenge since they are constantly moving (though I should say that it tends to be a fun challenge and all the more rewarding when a decent photo is captured). He was playing this running game where he’d run up to me or his mom so I’d try to focus and snap photos on his way. Very few were not blurry. 🙂

I love all the colored benches they have around. I was trying to get him to sit in various colors. 

I need to do more black and whites. 

Too bad he’s not one, or this would be a clever shot! Instead, I like to think he’s saying that I’m number one. Because I am.

The left photo has some composition issues (he was moving toward me so I had like a third of a second to frame the shot), but his little face looks very cute so I kept it.

I was taking a photo of this flower when I saw his little hand enter the frame. “No no–don’t touch the flower..” but you know how kids are. Touch first, then think about listening.

Backlit photos are something I want to practice more.

*Aside from a guy who wandered around taking photos while talking on his cell phone the entire time. I almost made a remark about it to my friend (or did I?), but then I thought about how many times I’ve done the exact same thing. (Not that calling the kettle black always stops me in my ridiculing tracks.)


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    So cute. And you know what? He has plenty of time for more masculine photos. I think little boys with flowers are darling – a reflection of their sensitive side. Besides, anyone can see he's still a rambuctious little guy. He really is constantly on the go. -R

  2. True! Yes, and he seemed to be very happy that evening, though he always seems pretty good-natured. It was nice to be able to give him space since so few people were there.

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