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Rainy Evening

May 27, 2010

Usually I go on a weekly walk with my friend, but the rain canceled our plans and I decided to do some comfortable, rainy-day things with my extra time.

Like light a candle! I would light more, but I need to buy more tea lights.  This lantern is supposed to hang, but I haven’t figured out a good spot to hang it, yet, so it just sits on my bookshelf. I love it, though.

I also had some tea and ate breakfast for dinner. That’s a very proteiny meal! And yes, of course I always use garnish on my everyday meals. Who doesn’t? PS: These photos remind me of my aunt Kathy, because she makes the best scrambled eggs and she got me that awesome mug.

And since it wasn’t actually all that cold and my deck has a cover, I took some photos of this Steller’s Jay pondering the meaning of life.

Or maybe just looking for food.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I love the rain on the water photos! Beautiful. And the Mermaid cup is so cute. :)-R

  2. I had eggs for dinner last night too! Only I had toast instead of sausage.

  3. Thanks!

    I have eggs for dinner sometimes since they're just something I almost always have that doesn't need to be defrosted!

  4. Great pictures and I love the new technique! 🙂

  5. Fayelle permalink

    Such a beautiful lantern!

    I love the raindrops on the water. LOVE.

  6. Thank you. 🙂

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