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May 23, 2010

There are so many birds lately! It makes me happy. Yesterday I took several photos from my deck, so here are a few.

K was over to help me hang a flower basket, and she pointed out this heron that flew across the lake and wandered around in one general area for awhile. He was too far to get decent photos, but of course I still tried.

 I don’t know how long this dragonfly has been on my deck, but it’s been at least two days. It’s almost like he’s dead, but he has moved a little.

His wings have peachy spots. It seems like just the light reflecting, but it’s not. This must be where people got the idea for stained glass windows.

From the flower basket I was working on.

I love these goldfinches and was so glad they were landing a little closer.

A girl and a boy.

The weather has been very indecisive this weekend. I just thought these clouds looked cool.

Here is an ear-full or museum of Cedar Waxwings. Those are how you refer to them collectively. WhatBird told me. 

Hm…that looks comfortable.

There are lots of museums in the trees. 😀 Sorry, I can’t resist a moment to sound like it’s completely natural to refer to birds as “museums.” 

The left-side photo looks like it was taken during winter, but it’s just a dead branch on the tree.

I’m sleepy, which might be evident by my dry captions. Just the facts. I’m not a nap-taking kind of girl, though, so I made an appointment to play Yahoo! Pool. Such a wise use of time.


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  1. I've seen cedar waxwings gather before, but I never knew they were referred to as “museums.” I wonder how they came up with that. Interesting.

    Could you tell what the waxwings were feasting upon? I've seen them in a tree that didn't have berries, precisely, but some sort of bud coming out of a particular tree in the spring. The buds seemed to make them sort of tipsy (i.e. drunk) after they had been feasting for nearly a day.

    The heron photo is awesome, too. I've never been able to see one close enough to get a good look–except maybe once in a bird park.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    These are great pictures. Your dragonfly ones are exquisite as always. I didn't know that about “museum”! How funny and cute. -R

  3. I know…there are all sorts of weird names for bird groups. I think people just choose them by drawing words out of a hat.

    No, they weren't eating much, though I do have photos of one eating from a those little cones.

    Thanks to both of you!

  4. !!!! those dragonfly wings are AMAZING. What a great photo! NICE JOB!

  5. Thanks! They are just crops of other photos because I wanted to show the detail. 🙂

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