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May 18, 2010

It feels like forev since I posted last, but it was just Wednesday. Things have been hectic in the life of Jessica, but tonight I’m free as a bird. Well, as a bird that lives in a large cage–like the ones at zoos. I’m a Lorikeet. I have some stuff to accomplish, but nothing too time-consuming.

At this time yesterday I was wearing shorts and had all my windows open. Now I’m in fleece polar bear* pants and am contemplating turning on the heater. Oh Oregon…just decide! (And it better be the right decision.)

I have a yummy lasagna recipe to post about, but instead of two recipe posts in a row (boring!) I’ll hold off and show you some of the stuff I’ve bought recently. Get very excited!!!!

Awhile back I got a free sample of the SJP Lovely Collection. Normally I avoid celebrity perfumes (it’s too hard to explain why, but maybe I can sum it up with two words: Electric Youth), but many of my standards change when the word “free” is involved. Anyway, I wasn’t impressed with Endless and Twilight, but I loved Dawn. It has a clean, tea-ish scent. I decided it was going to be my reward for accomplishing a personal goal. It’s just too bad the bottle isn’t more interesting.

More extravagance. I had company this weekend and wanted some nice flowers on the table. After mulling over various more temporary options, I decided to go for the orchids. They last so much longer** than cut flowers and they are a great photo subject, so I think I will consider them an educational investment and mark my tax forms accordingly.

This is thrilling, I’m sure. 🙂 It really is, though. At 5’1, I have a hard time reaching most standard chains on ceiling lights/fans, plus my ceilings are taller than average. Now that it’s becoming ceiling fan season, I need to not have to get my stepstool every time the temps change (see paragraph two).

These last three are seedlings I purchased for my new planter that a friend sent. You’ll definitely be seeing these again as I track the growth. I chose these petunias because the hummingbird at the plant store seemed excited about them.

And I chose these because I have a thing for yellow flowers.

And I chose these because I didn’t really know what else to get. 😐

Here is my May wish: that someone would take my laptop and fill it with RAM. Work in Photoshop (or any Adobe program) is becoming a major test of my patience, and I am failing.

*They aren’t made of polar bear fur nor did they used to belong to a polar bear (I don’t think), they just have pictures of polar bears on them.
**Though with me as their owner, their life might be cut short.

  1. Jennifer Bittel permalink

    One: Electric Youth?!? Oh my, you just brought back memories. 🙂
    Two: I really like the latest rendition of your watermark.
    Three: You should talk to Jason about the RAM thing…he can have that stuff switched out in minutes!
    Four: Nice flower choices…is the yellow one “A Million Bells”? I love those…
    Five: Amazon was running a special on Mac Photoshop Elements last week…$35 after rebate, or close to that. I had the item in my cart when I got the error message that they had just sold out on all that were allocated for the special. I'm still bummed. That program is normally around $80!
    Six: I'm caught up on reading all my blogs except two.

  2. Wow, a quick and thorough comment by JB! 😀

    1. Haha..yeah, the aroma still haunts me in my dreams. I didn't actually own any, but every other girl in school did, so I'm sure I smelled like I owned it.

    2. Thanks! I'm liking it too. I'm still kind of experimenting but am fairly satisfied with this style.

    3. Yeah, I just need to buy it.. it's one of those purchases I put off because it feels boring to spend money on it, but I really do need it. I'll likely ask IT to install it so I don't wreck anything.

    4. It says it's called Calibrachoa.. ? 🙂

    5. Oh too bad! I don't actually know what PS Elements is, but I'm sorry you missed out.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Fun post in just a general sort of way. Thank you for sharing! Good luck growing stuff … hopefully you'll do better than I do. Even my wildflower garden just looks like weeds now. Blehh.

  4. Yeah, I hope so too! I have Miracle Gro. 😀

  5. Dania permalink

    Oh man, just reading the words “Electric Youth” brings back the smell of that perfume. I never had any either, but whoa. One I did have back then that I was so in love with(who knows why) was Exclamation. (Make a statement without saying a word).

    I always want to purchase new perfumes, but it is really hard for me to know that I'm getting one that I like. For some reason a lot of stores don't provide those little cards to spray the samples on, so it's hard to really know what any of them smell like. That was the nice thing about Gottschalks back in the day.

  6. Oh yes, I remember Exclamation! I didn't have any, but my friends did (noticing a pattern here? 😛 I stuck with Navy and Love's Baby Soft..haha–I was uncool).

    I find it's better to actually wear it for a day before you decide, since perfume can be so different on everyone. A lot of the ones I like are just okay if I smell them from the bottle or on a paper, but on someone they are really different. So spray one on you and give it a day! That's also how I decided on Lacoste pour femme, which I heart very much (and am out of).

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