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Iris Garden Pt. 1

May 9, 2010

Yesterday, I went to the iris garden, but I plan to go back again later this month. I usually don’t go so early (they just opened Friday), but I couldn’t wait. I was in a photography mood, and curious about what had bloomed so far. This year everything’s been ahead of schedule, so there was plenty to look at.

I tried to consolidate the photos a bit so it’s a little less excruciating for you to scroll through them. Ready? Okay! *Clap*

I love taking pictures of these, even though they’re a little odd. I mean, can you imagine getting a bouquet of these? You’d have to have the world’s largest vase. But their tall, straight stems and round shape gives photos some nice lines, and I kept wanting to take just one more shot. Luckily I’m sparing you all of those and settled on two for el bloggo.

These little tree blossoms were cute. I’m terrible with flower/plant names, so I don’t know what most of these things are.

Another shot, and this shows what a nice day it was.

I should probably post a photo with irises before you start really questioning my flower knowledge. Of course there are tons of varieties, and it’s hard not to want to take a photo of all of them to record all the colors. You can click on that image for a slightly larger version, if you want. The second one from the left on the top is called Smitten Kitten, which I thought was cute because it does kind of have the coloring of a baby dog or cat.

Of course I have to take pictures of the birds, too!

This is in the gift shop area–the garden itself isn’t made up of a bunch of plastic crates. 🙂

One more bird photo. I haven’t looked this one up.

For some reason I enjoy photographing garden spikes. I’m not sure I’d even want them (or at least not many of them) in my own yard, though.

These are fun for photos and I will probably take more when I go back. That sounds like I have a really dull life. 🙂 When I was in that store, though, I thought they were about to close and kick me out, so I was in a rush.

I love fuchsias!

Some interesting coloring. I’m not sure if it shows up correctly on your monitor, but the petals have lime green sides.

What’s not to like about columbine? And yet, I find I’m not a huge fan. I don’t know if it’s because there are soooo many at this garden or if I have a negative association with the name, but I never feel like taking very many pictures of them.

What’s up with that right-side flower? What a mess!

This was my favorite photography subject of the evening. It seems like every time I go somewhere specifically to take pictures, I always get surprised by something really fun to photograph. It’s like a little treat from God. I had walked into the gift shop area to price their cut irises, and I saw this aisle of orange, pink, white and yellow* poppies that looked so pretty together. I don’t know what it is about poppies, but I love photographing them. I think it’s partially the nice solid color and simple shape, along with their bendy stems.

Alright–I hope that wasn’t too boring, because you’re probably going to have to suffer through another set in a few weeks! Now I’m going to call my mom. I’m her favorite.

*Or “willow” if you’re my nephew. My sister just told me that her son insists that’s how you say that color’s name, and he will correct her if she says it “wrong.”

  1. Not boring at all! I love looking at your flower photos. One of these days I need to go along with you.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Beautiful! All! I am partial to bird pics though as you know. So those get extra kudos. And thanks for the willow shout out. He is so funny. He insists that I am wrong. -R

  3. Pretty, pretty! 🙂

    I'm my Mom's favorite too. 😉

    -Ruth M

  4. Thanks, ladies!

  5. Dania permalink

    I've only seen the fake version of those ball like purple flowers and the real ones are so much prettier!

  6. I don't think I've seen the fake ones!

  7. Geraldo permalink

    Wow, minha mãe iria adorar visitar este local. Ela é fascinada por plantas, flores. Some of the flowers are so perfect that seems to be fake, made of plastic. I think that the person that take care of them talk to them,so they become so beautiful.

  8. Well you should send her over. 🙂 There are lots of great gardens here in the spring. Although I'm sure you have some pretty awesome stuff–I want to go bird watching there!

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