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Pink Dogwood

April 29, 2010

Hey, who wants to see multiple photos from the same Dogwood tree (and often the same exact blossom)? Just a show of hands is fine. Or I will also interpret silence/crickets as, “Certainly.”

Part of the reason for this photo overload was that this particular Dogwood tree was all nice and short (as am I), and it gave me the opportunity to try some angles that would’ve been impossible on another tree without a ladder or saddled giraffe. Therefore it was practically a requirement that I photograph this tree from every angle while I had the chance.

Between photos I might’ve sent a text or two, and at some point I guess I was waiting for a text response and some lady walked by and was all, “You look so serious!” My response probably hinted that I wasn’t crazy about such a comment, so she tried to fix it by saying I looked “studious.” I have one of those faces where if I relax it at all, it looks almost like I’m mad. It’s great. Her remarks were actually the nicer version of what I’ve heard in the past from complete strangers. I’ve gotten comments like, “Smile! Life isn’t so bad!” So anyway, if you ever come across me and I look all “studious” or whatever, I’m just relaxing! Face muscles need down time too. And if you’re ever tempted to remark to a stranger about the fact that they aren’t smiling, probably just don’t. It’ll help you not get punched.

I was taking these with the thought of how something could go below in the blank spot. Not that I have any plans to use this photo for such a purpose, but now you know the method to my relaxedness, at least.

Thanks for looking! Or even just scrolling by to get to the next entry in your reader.


From → Bush Park, nature

  1. Saddled giraffe – LOL!!!

    That tree is gorgeous. We have a lot of pretty dogwoods around here, but I've never seen a pink one!

  2. Yeah, lately I'm noticing that there seem to be more pink than white around here! I see them sold at nurseries a lot, so maybe years back they just became popular so now there are lots of full-grown ones around town. Also, I could just be noticing them more since they're bolder than white.

  3. I love your commentary. 😀

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I want to ride on your saddled giraffe. Bring him by, next time you visit!

    Pretty pics. Is there a way I can get at least the one with the gap underneath (larger size, please) to use in my revolving desktop background? It's free advertising for you … to me. 🙂 -R

    And I just want to add my verification word of the day, “My hair is looking all 'fangly' today — probably because it's so windy here.”

  5. Sure, I'll email you (obviously).

    My hair is fangly because of the wind, too.. it's windy everywhere, apparently (I heard it was in CA as well)!

  6. Fayelle permalink

    Now my goal is to find someone looking serious and tell them they look studious so I can see the reaction.

    LOVE that dogwood. I wish there were some in CO!

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