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Scrabble, Sweater, Summingbird

April 28, 2010

When I empty my camera’s memory card onto my computer, I always see photos I forgot I took. Here are a couple.

Awhile back this Scrabble CD was sitting out on my desk and I kept glancing at it and thinking it had the letters N, U, D and E. (Get it? Nude! I’m mature.) I knew it was an F, but I kept forgetting (or maybe I should say that the corner of my eye kept forgetting). So I’m about to relay this terribly important story to a friend when I realize the F has an 8 on it, like it’s eight points. ?! Any Scrabble fan knows that Fs are four points and only J and X are worth eight!

[Speaking of, I really don’t think the letter values in Scrabble are all that fair. For instance, X is such an easy letter to use, but it’s worth eight. This is fine if I’m the one to draw the X, but if my opponent gets it then I think it should be worth about four points.

Then there are letters like U, which I feel could do with a raise. Yes, it’s a vowel, but it’s probably the least-fun vowel. Its main purpose in Scrabble life is to stick by the Q, so getting the U usually makes me think I need to save it “just in case.” Overall it’s not quite as versatile as the other vowels, so why is it worth the same?

I wouldn’t mind if C was worth more, too. I really don’t like Cs very much, but I would probably like them more if they were four points. Just a tip, Hasbro.]

FYI, I know this photo is of terrible quality. The other day I was walking by my sweater, that I had so neatly tossed on the dining room chair, and what didst mine eyes behold? Tell me you see it too: it’s a heart! My sweater loves me!

Now this is one I just took today, so it wasn’t a surprise to find, but I thought I’d share it in this photo group. I guess this is the equivalent of licking one’s plate clean? Apparently there is something delicious on the feeder that has taken her attention from the inside of it.

By the by, I have like maybe three or four million other hummingbird photos, and I want to share a few but then I keep taking more and thinking, “Well these will be better…” and then I hold off in case I take something even better, and the cycle goes on, and my hard drive gets fuller.

I never know how to end my entries.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Isn't the saying, “Start with a joke and end with a song?” πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I was amused by these pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    The F-8 thing is totally weird. It's like a Scrabble knock-off. Strabble, maybe. Or Skrabble, is more likely.

    Do you have an external hard drive yet? Maybe that would save you some space.

    Just random thoughts from me. -R

  2. lol Your posts are funny. Specially the Scrabble one. I would not have caught the 8, but I would agree it looks like N U D E!

  3. That may be the saying, but it doesn't mean I have to follow it. πŸ˜›

    Yeah I have an external drive. I'm going to need another soon, though…I'd like to back up stuff on a second because my first one is the only copy of most things.

    June – thanks! Where are more posts by you?!

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