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Osprey sighting

April 24, 2010

I lied–this next post is going to contain photos. I’ve had some cool bird sightings that I thought I’d share, even though the photos themselves aren’t all that impressive. I do what I can with my 75-300mm lens (and I’m so glad my dad bought it for me years ago!). It doesn’t have stabilization and I don’t use a tripod, so of course I’m not going to have professional-quality nature photos when the object is like 50 feet away. I’m just glad to have captured the scene at all.


The change of season brings more and more birds. The hummingbirds are feeding a lot more and I will share some of those photos next time. But now I’ll show you some Osprey photos.

[PHOTOGRAPHY SIDENOTE: A couple of years ago I was out on a boat with my family, and we saw some Ospreys on a tree and my dad handed me his camera and said I could get photos as we moved in closer to them. He wanted me to be ready since they’d probably fly off as we approached. Well, stupid me didn’t really have a handle on the focusing thing, so I couldn’t focus on them fast enough when they flew away, and I didn’t get any decent shots. My dad was fine with it, but I felt bad to have ruined that opportunity. He said I probably should’ve had it on manual focus, but I honestly didn’t even know how to operate that on his camera. šŸ˜› It never occurred to me. Well, now my dad would be proud to know that I am using manual almost exclusively with this lens since my subject is usually moving a lot, and it’s just faster and easier.]

If you don’t like photos of birds eating fish, please skip the rest of this post. Even though you can barely tell.

Here he comes. I had seen him circling in the sky with something in his talons. I was so glad when he landed in a tree where I could actually see him.

He might be praying before he eats here.

Okay, time to dig in.


Oh he sees me. Don’t worry, I am full of pizza and won’t be stealing any fish.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Those are awesome photos. -R

  2. Thanks! I didn't expect any visitors tonight–cool. šŸ™‚

  3. Shannon permalink

    Cool photos. Are they in JPEG or RAW? (Just wondering if Digital Photo Professional's Chromatic-abberation adjustment thingamabobbie would work on those photos, tis all.)- Shannon

  4. Thank you. These are just in JPG, even though I have been shooting RAW almost exclusively now. I had only turned it off because I wanted to do do several continuous shots and my camera can't handle that in RAW mode.

    I don't know what that DPPCA thing is though. šŸ™‚

  5. Wow!! And LOL at him praying over the fish. šŸ™‚

  6. Shannon permalink

    Digital Photo Professional is the software that came with the Canon camera.

    Chromatic Abberation is an option on the RAW tab of the image editor, designed to try and compenstate for that blue/red fringing that you get at certain focal length and lens combinations. (Well, it in theory happens with every lens and focal length, but most of the time the difference is unnoticable.)

    Err, I'm being a nerd again. Sorrrrwy!

  7. Oh okay – I use PhotoShop, which probably has something similar. I'll have to look for it sometime.

  8. Very cool! But who eats raw fish? Gross. ; )

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