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April 17, 2010

A Saturday morning post is not usual for me, but what better way to procrastinate than by showing you some photos?

The other evening I walked around my place because I had seen a duck that I didn’t recognize (at least by flight–it was likely a Wood Duck, though). It flew off again before I got any photos, but I took some others while wandering.

But first (yeah, I forgot until just now), I took a few photos that morning because it was soooo sunny out, and there were streams of light coming out over the lake/pond. I couldn’t capture them very well, though, as the sun was burning my retinas. These will have to be good enough.

Okay now we’re back to the evening. First I saw these little guys in the shallow edge of the water. I have since concluded that they must be salamander tadpoles (teenagers, apparently), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a salamander in real life, nor did it ever occur to me that they went through the same growth stages as a frog. Or that they even swam! I’m salamentally challenged, I guess.

I keep photographing these birds even though they’re kind of boring-looking, because they’re more likely to sit still, plus they have such a pretty little sound. I caught her mid-tweet. Also, this is to prove I don’t always rely on the Rule of Thirds. 😛 (I was noticing many of my other photos look like I just walked out of photography class.) (PS That’s not a bash on photography class–I should take one!)

Funnily enough, only minutes earlier I was telling someone that I don’t need/want any more Mallard* photos, and of course they are the easiest to photograph. But I couldn’t help it–this guy was being so cooperative and the water looked like brushed copper.

Mallards really are a decent-looking duck, but they are so common that I kind of forget to appreciate them.

Obviously she has big plans for her new home.

I haven’t looked up this type of bird–the females are kind of a pain to track down sometimes. (Oh maybe it’s a Red-winged Blackbird?) I have been trying to keep a semi-list of the birds I see from home, though.

One more, since I couldn’t decide.

It annoys me that I took this photo–who needs more photos of these Canada Geese?! But they area so often perched in weird spots that I want to record it, I guess.

*Is “mallard” supposed to be capitalized?


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  1. I can't find if Mallard is supposed to be capitalized, but it is that way on many sites. I really like how the green shows off on his head and in the water.

  2. Yay, it's Katrina! 🙂

    Thanks for looking! I just remembered that I looked up whether to capitalize bird names before, and I think either it's optional or maybe people disagree. I tend to be inconsistent about it.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I think a lot of bird names go back and forth. I've seen blue jay, as well as Blue Jay. So it's probably Mallard or mallard, too. Who know? Great pictures. I especially love the one of the little bird gathering nesting supplies. But all are beautiful. -R

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