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Senior Portraits

April 6, 2010

This was my first (and so far, only) set of senior portraits. A coworker approached me about taking them for his daughter, and I was excited to explore this area of photography. I’d definitely be interested in doing this again.

I took these back in October, and it’s funny how even just six months later I am seeing lots of things I’d change or improve about these photos (or even just the editing). Still, I was satisfied with how they turned out for my first try.

Anyway, this is H. It always helps to have a lovely subject! She was great to work with–very willing to pose and be posed, and patiently let me try different locations.

NOTE: I’m working on getting a new domain where I can set up a better photography portfolio, but for now I am using my old domain just to give some ID to these photos. I’ll let you know when my portfolio is back up–for now the Hello Butterfly page is linkless.


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  1. Hey I hadn't seen that second one before! These are really nice.

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