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Retail Rant (Part 1)

April 1, 2010

No pictures today! Just a few annoyances that have been collecting in my little brain. This got long (I told you I’m critical), so I’m separating it into two parts.

1. I don’t like how a certain grocery store’s self-checkout machines ask me, “Have you scanned your club card?” It’s a computer–it knows very well whether I have scanned it, so why doesn’t it just tell me to scan it? I hate it when anyone–or anything–plays dumb.

2. I don’t understand why another store’s self-checkout machines will only give cash back in increments of $20, but they always give said cash back in TEN DOLLAR BILLS. Why can’t I just get ten bucks back? Perhaps the cash dispenser will only spit bills out in multiples of two.

3. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a little weird how many stores will immediately request your phone number when you are at the register to check out. Um…I don’t think I have to give my phone number in order to purchase goods. They say it like it’s a requirement and they can’t move forward with the transaction until you say it, though. It would be nice if they explained how they used it, at least. I’m sure some have a good reason (for instance, the Christian bookstore in my hometown would identify you that way so they could give you a gift certificate after you spent $100 or whatever), but just tell me so I can be more on board with the idea. I could just ask, but I haven’t figured out how to without sounding suspicious or jerky. I care what others think.

4. I’m going to sound extra Grinchy when I say this, but super-friendliness is very tiresome. There is a particular cashier, at a store I frequent, that I will stand in a longer line to avoid. That’s how bad it is. She’s the perkiest person in the world, and though I love politeness, she’s overwhelming. She is just so very excited about all of your purchases. I’d rather no one commented on my purchases, thanks. Her demeanor is the type that pressures you into being fakely friendly in return, lest you appear aloof/unhappy by comparison. I’m sure I fall into the latter category more often than not.

5. On a similar topic, there is a store (that you have probably been to) that hires greeters who basically pass out shopping carts and say hi to shoppers as they walk in and out of the store. Somehow this store has managed to find some of the most enthusiastic greeters in the universe. You’d think you just entered Disneyland, and that the greeter is being paid a trillion dollars for every person they welcome. It’s so over the top. Plus, they keep repeating it to every single customer, so you hear this broken record until you get far enough away. Maybe they’re robots.

Tomorrow I’ll post about an annoying shopping experience I had yesterday. Get excited!


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  1. Yes, I am excited! πŸ™‚ I hate it when checkers ask, “Did you find everything you need?” On more than one occasion I have answered, “No, I did not!” …and that was the truth. I have yet to have any of them help in that instance. I usually just get rather blank stares and a timid, “Oh, I'm sorry…” out of them. It's pretty funny.

  2. Oh yes, that's a good one! I don't understand that question either. I mean, isn't it a little late for that? What, are we going to find the item right then and make everyone beyond me in line wait? πŸ˜›

  3. Exactly…hence the reason I think they are totally unprepared for an actual answer to the question.

  4. You can just say “no thank you” when they ask for a phone number. I've never done that but I've been with people who have. That whole “we have to have a phone number” is a complete lie. If you don't furnish one they have a generic one they'll insert. I have a fictional phone number I use for such occasions : )

    There's a cashier at the local Target that I avoid because she's way over the top friendly too. She's not only Super Excited! about everything you purchase, she feels the need to tell you about whatever she's purchased that it reminds her of and also other things you might want to try out. Can I just have my Coke and shaving cream that I'm trying to buy now? Thanks.

  5. I don't remember if you've told me about that lady at Target. I know we've talked about this subject, though. πŸ™‚

  6. (Hi!)
    About phone numbers at the register, I really hope I get that this summer when I'm back in the States. I've always chickened out and said, “I don't have one, I'm not from around here,” and the purchase goes on. But I really want to say, “Ok, 4695-9686” to throw them and their computer off. (And yes, that is my number minus the area code) Haha…ok, cheap thrill.

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