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Easter party

March 28, 2010

Okay, all of my photos are relinked and my blog should be in working order. Meanwhile, I’m switching to Picasa for now. Not that you asked.

I have a friend who is particularly thoughtful and generous, and she often sends me packages in the mail with festive little presents inside, depending on the time of year. A couple of years ago she sent one for Easter/spring, and some of the contents had yet to be used. A Disney Princess egg dyeing kit, for instance.

So, last week I had the sudden inspiration to invite a few friends over to dye eggs and decorate cookies. My last-minuteness meant that only one friend could actually come, but I was fine with that and still tried to Easter up my place. Then a second friend ended up having a free block of time and she came over too! Here are a few photos…

Tulips were on sale, so I used having company as an excuse to get some. I love this vase, but it ended up leaking and I had to switch them to another.

I like this vase, too, so it’s okay.

Tired of tulip photos yet?

All set up to dye!

This butterfly garland was another part of the aforementioned Easter package, so I was happy to have a good reason to use it. So cute!

Do you love my bowl? It was on Easter clearance at Target a few years ago. I use it year-round.

K is such a great photo subject for me–she’s willing to let me take photos and post them!! And she’s lovely. šŸ™‚

K and I dyed these. We’re pretty amazing.

I also made cookies for us to decorate and give away to some friends. They’re delicious (and “tender,” as my friend P said :D), but I think I’m going to be sick from eating too many. I might post the recipe sometime.

More of our mad decorating skillz.

Here they are all bagged up to hand out.

Happy Palm Sunday!


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  1. Your place looks cute all Eastered up! And how cute are those little bags with cookies? Extremely is the correct answer.

  2. Thanks! I know, the bags worked out well. šŸ™‚ I need to do little giftings more often just so I can use cute bags!

  3. No, not tired of tulips…never! It's funny…I see your furniture and say, “Hey…I moved that!” šŸ˜€ By the way, the cookies were ABSOLUTELY delicious!!!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you liked them. šŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous permalink

    What a fun idea! I will say that for some reason, no matter how many times I refreshed, only about half the photos showed up for me. The rest gave me the little red-x. Maybe I need to try Firefox. -R

  6. Yeah, I'll fix the photos later.. I don't know what's going on, but that makes both Picasa and Flickr problematic!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Now they're all there. I don't know what was up with that! But anyway, there were way more than I thought. And all very cute! K is a good subject. -R

  8. Fayelle permalink

    Oh man I wish I could have come!! I would have loved to dye eggs and decorate cookies and hang out. This looked great!

    And i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that bowl!

  9. Fayelle, why don't you live closer?! šŸ™‚

  10. That looks like so much fun! I wish I could have come! šŸ™‚

  11. Dania permalink

    Fun! I dyed eggs by myself this year for the first time ever. It was weird doing this without any company, but at the same time, I was able to leave my eggs in the dye for a really long time when I wanted to, so some are super bold in color. And then it rained and we didn't have an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. šŸ˜¦

  12. Hm.. I guess I could dye eggs by myself sometime. I hadn't thought about it! It would be nice to just focus on them and make some really pretty ones. šŸ™‚

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