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March 25, 2010

Tonight I went outside hoping to get some bird photos, but instead I came back with flower photos. Surprise! I know it’s so weird for me to take pictures of flowers. I couldn’t help it, though–birds are afraid of me, while flowers are strangely comfortable in my presence and rarely run away.

Oh I did get one bird photo, but it was mostly for the little blueish flowers in the background. Plus these aren’t really birds.. they’re more like neighborhood cats, roaming free and making a mess. I actually wish they were a bit more afraid of me.

Sidenote: I think I must be the most inefficient user of both Blogspot/Blogger and Flickr. I am sure I’m taking the most roundabout way to each screen that I need. I’ll rant about those things another time, though.

There is an evergreen that has these blossomy branches growing around it, for some reason. I was taking these photos looking straight up, and I’m kind of surprised I was able to get any clear ones since there wasn’t much light.

Hang in there, these are a bit repetitive.

I like this because it looks like stained glass.

Not the prettiest flower ever, but I saw it growing on the ground all by itself. Anyone know what it is?

I can’t decide if I like this photo or if it just creeps me out. It sort of looks like ants are crawling all over the flowers. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.

I have a thing for little blossom cluster photos. They’re full of sprinkly goodness!

Okay, last one! For making it through, you should reward yourself with a delicious beverage.


From → animals, nature

  1. I think that one flower is a trillium. We had them in the woods growing up.

  2. Oh.. well that sounds right since it has the three petals. Thanks! It looks weird, though.

  3. Man those are crisp, good-looking pictures. I like the stained glass effect of that one also, and I love the second pair. I love the background on both of those. Gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I love those first ones (not counting the goose)!!

    And I second the trillium vote.


  5. You hate my goose photo?! 😉

  6. Anonymous permalink

    These are beautiful. -R

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