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Current Interests (continued)

March 24, 2010

This is continued from my first “current interests” post located here.


(Confession: I did not take that photo.)

So, my friend lent me his Angel DVDs, and up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t even know the show existed. Is it the best thing I could watch? Nope–it has scenes and qualities that I’m not thrilled about, for sure. But I got hooked and have enjoyed watching it during meals (not always a smart idea with some of those monsters) and laundry. I thought I was almost finished with the series, but I just learned there’s another season!


Awhile back I decided to buy an avocado (I tend not to buy them because they can be pricey and I didn’t trust my ability to choose the right ripeness) because they are delicious and nutritious. Oh and they were on sale. 😀 It must’ve hit the spot, because I couldn’t get it out of my mind and began buying them regularly and eating them with everything–sandwiches, salmon, chicken, scrambled eggs, etc. I was daydreaming about moving back to California and having an avocado tree in my back yard. They are the perfect addition to any meal–I even ate one on pizza the other day!


(You can click on that small photo for a larger version if you want.)

My current nature photo goal is to take a decent (key word) photo of a heron. I see one every couple of days, but of course it always lands on a far off tree (that I can’t get to without a boat). Today I saw this one and waited until it flew so I could get some photos, but of course it’s hard to get anything decent at such a distance. One day.

Okay, this post is a little boring, but that’s life.


From → interests

  1. I would love to have an avocado tree!

  2. Herons are lovely creatures! Among my favorite birds, for sure.

  3. Herons are really pretty and very graceful and quiet when they fly. My only beef with them is that I think one ate one of my parents koi. :/

  4. I think I'd rather have a neighbor with an avocado tree ; ) Preferably with a big branch that hangs over into my yard.

  5. True.. I'm not sure I want the responsibility of taking care of a tree. I bet dealing with tons of overripe avocados isn't the funnest.

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