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March 22, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the weather was appropriately spring-like. SO NICE. I went a few places to get some photos, though I didn’t really take all that many. Still, I can share a few here. Please excuse the vague descriptions…

Here’s a blossomy tree.

The lovely cherry trees. I take the same pictures each year–some of you are probably bored right now. 😛

Nothing special about this photo, but I like white daffodils (and most white flowers).

A nearby wildlife refuge has a nice trail. It’s still a little early, so it’s obviously not lush, but it was nice to get out in nature anyway. I’ll probably go back in a few months when it’s greener.

I’m not even sure I like this photo, but it’s kind of springy looking. I had the wrong lens on when I took it, so it didn’t really turn out as I wanted, but I was too lazy to switch lenses.

Is it springy where you live?

  1. Holly permalink

    Gorgeous photos! And I never get tired of your photos either 🙂

  2. Yay, thanks!

  3. OHHHHHHH! I want spring! We had 3-5 inches of snow yesterday. These are just lovely!

  4. I just love cherry blossom trees. That's one thing I'll miss about DC is how beautiful it was in the spring with all the cherry blossoms blooming.

  5. Canticles: You guys have had the weirdest winter! Thank you. 🙂

    Emily: My friend in DC talks about that. I'd like to see that sometime. But don't they have them in Nashville?

  6. I never get tired of cherry tree photos! 🙂

  7. Fayelle permalink

    These pictures are beautiful!!! I LOVE the cherry trees! And the birds… and the trail… everything!

  8. Thank you!

  9. So beautiful!! That very first picture…that's right by where I come and go from parking underground at work!

  10. made me realize I had a messed up link for the first photo! So you mean the second one. That's cool–so you're always in the know about those trees. I'll have to ask you about it next year…usually I just try to drive by to check on them.

  11. Ah, yes, the second picture now. Yes, those trees and I are special friends…first thing I see each morning and almost last thing I see most nights.

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